Spring: an astrological perspective

If you believe in astrology, or not, I think it’s fair to say that the March begins an interesting time of our year for all of us. It's where Spring begins, the clocks go forward and the sun begins to shine that little bit longer.

It’s a beautiful thing – for those who enjoy the Spring and Summer months, I mean. I know I do.

The Spring equinox began on the 20th of March this year, kicking off our astronomical Spring season that is set to end on June 21st. ‘But what is an equinox?’ I hear you mutter to yourself.

In factual, astronomical terms (basically the scientific way of looking at it), our March equinox marks the moment where the Sun crosses our celestial equator. It is the second equinox our Earth experiences yearly, with the other being in September.

Astrologically? Well, I’m sure you know it’s going to mean a /lot/ more than that. 

The world equinox is Latin – meaning ‘equal’ (equi), ‘night’ (nox). This is because, no matter where in the world, the equinox takes place in our Earth’s equator at the exact same time.  This year it was at 10.28 GMT.

We may all experience the same astronomical equinox, but our astrological equinox will vary through all twelve of the signs. This year, even more so due to Venus being in retrograde.

It probably feels like I’m bombarding you with astrological terms right now, right?

Let me break it down for you.

Our planets circulate at their usual axis, just doing their thing, right? Well, when a planet is in retrograde it means it appears to being moving backwards instead. 

Except it’s not. No planet moves backwards, it just sort of looks like it from Earth. It’s like a period of illusion that results from our point of view on Earth as our planets speed differs from those around us.

In this case, Venus.

… Back to Venus, anyway.

In astrology, Venus is the planet that represents love, our romantic relationships, beauty and material objects. Despite being the planet that rules Libra and Taurus, Venus has a part to play in all our charts, as we all have a sign in that was in Venus at the time of our birth.

So, when Venus is in retrograde this year, it means things aren't smooth-sailing in those areas that the planet rules. In fact, they’re essentially backwards.

This year, Venus retrograde begins in the sign Aries from March 5th and enters Pisces from April 2nd. The (mostly) painful period will finally end April 15th.

Until then, my advice when Venus is in retrograde can be shortened down to 3 simple points:

  •       DO NOT get a haircut, an eyebrow wax, change your wardrobe - anything. Any drastic changes to your appearance risks going the opposite to how you plan, or just plain wrong.
  • Although reflecting on romantic situations and your relationships is useful within this period, DO NOT make any decisions. The retrograde can often make us feel differently about a relationship or, sometimes, even want to go back to an old one. Reflect upon your sudden surge of nostalgia for an ex, or your desire to break up with your fiancé of 6-years, but DO NOT act on them. At least until the period is over, so that you are sure your feelings are yours and not influenced by the retrograde.
  •  Spending frivolously, making an investment or even betting are things I’d steer clear off. Venus represents our possessions and making large decisions on money, our prime possession, during the planets retrograde is sure to go wrong.

Sounds sort frightening, doesn’t it?

I’m probably somewhat bias seeing as retrogrades often ruin my life. There are some positives, though. As I said above, retrogrades are a period for reflecting so that when it passes we can continue to move forward (as a planet and people) we have learnt something new to take with us.

It was once said to me, that it takes things all to go wrong, for us to realise what is right. That’s how I see a retrograde. 

“Everything is going to go wrong, kids. But you’ll learn something from how awful it was.”

Kidding. Slightly.

So, astrologically, how is your Spring set to begin in 2017?

Let’s turn to the twelve signs to see - by doing one of those things you find in the back of newspapers.

** Don’t forget to check both your Sun and Venus sign as they are both relevant to the Equinox and our current Venus retrograde.

Aries: I’d like to say you’re a safe Ram - after all, you are Libra’s polarity and Venus far from rules you. However, the retrograde begins in your sign this year and so you may find the more negative traits of Venus fall into your sign. Things such as vanity, greed and childishness. This is temporary. Others may view you different to how you view yourself, this is because the retrograde occurs in your 1st house of self – making your mannerisms and identity come off a little… Shall we say, backward?

Taurus: Venus is your ruling planet and so it is natural to feel some discord during this time. Possessions are what comfort you, so be careful with your money and spending. If you are struggling financially, use this time to create a plan. And if you feel as though you really need that one expensive thing? Don’t. There’s only a few weeks left of the retrograde – wait it out. Use this time to reflect, then decide afterwards. You might come to better decisions that way. Don’t forget your relationships, too. They mean more to you than you may put across and those in your life could feel neglected as your mind is elsewhere.

Gemini:  Venus mainly rules your 12th house – the house of enemies and obstacles. You may feel some uncertainty within your relationships, be it friendships or lovers, this retrograde. Try not to float away as you do. It may seem uncomfortable and boring, I know how much you like those around you to love you – it will all pass. Don’t cut anyone off too soon, you may regret it after. 

Cancer: Your relationships with family are important to you, however bear in mind that the Venus retrograde is affecting everyone in your house differently. Don’t try to mother too much – but be there for someone if they look like they need it. Sometimes your family may not realise how much they mean to you, but you can show them by offering them what they need and telling them what you do in return. Giving advice on other relationships may be your calling this period – someone could need it. 

Leo: Your visions may not satisfy you how they normally do throughout this period, but that’s okay. You are the prime candidate to take this period and brainstorm. Gather your bearings and decide what will make you happiest, what you want, and leave the retrograde with a better perspective to move on with. Remember you don’t need romantic relationships to survive.

Virgo: You have a habit of overworking yourself normally, and subconsciously you do so even more during Venus retrograde periods. Your relationships mean more to you than you believe. You are logical but sensitive, and although you understand people are very different to you, you sometimes blame yourself for your discord in work relationships. You want to feel comfortable, sadly the retrograde will stand in the way of that this period. Use this time to focus on something else instead. Your money matters may need to be kept in check.

Libra: The retrograde is occurring in your 7th house of one-to-one partnerships, and we know how much they mean to you, Libra. Don’t go falling into the arms of anyone for the next few weeks. You have a habit for being vulnerable and falling too quickly without logic – this is not the time. You are risking your decisions on one-to-one partnerships to be very disillusioned. I warn you to be careful, because I know how much it could hurt you if you do potentially make the wrong decision.

Scorpio: Don’t let the uncertainty this period is giving you about money matters force you to take it out on your relationships. People care about you and you forget that when you are unhappy. Remember, people can help in sticky situations you may have. They do not always need to be punished before they have the opportunity.

Sagittarius: You are prone to run back to exes – mostly because you can forgive and forget so easily. I would suggest not to. Much like Libra, you are victim to make many romantic mistakes throughout this period. Are you bored of your romantic situation? Are you feeling the urge to struggle free? That’s okay, but communicate with those involved instead of running away and indulging in something you may regret. You don’t need to be impulsive to escape.

Capricorn: Romantic matters will take a back seat for you throughout the retrograde, as you may feel up-tight about financial matters or possessions. That’s okay, but beware of the cold Cap front you may slip on to those who matter. I understand how badly you want to succeed, I know you think it needs focus, but if you don’t reflect upon how you treat people during your up-tight times now then you may lose all ties with the people you care for. Look at making plans to solve your financial worries to move forward.

Aquarius: You are aloof at the best of times, but during this period you are prone to misread signals and people more than usual. You can’t seem to connect to people in the way you usually like to, as the humanitarian you are. Something is in the way for you. It could be the Venus retrograde causing uncomfortable conversations (I know how much communication means to you), but remember you are often frightened away by people who trigger more than your sociable senses. Feelings are okay, but to accept them is to understand them. Use this time to do that.

Pisces: You may be feeling withdrawn emotionally, as the last part of our Venus retrograde occurs in your sign. You will have issues regarding your independence as the retrograde occurs in your 1st house of image. This is unusual for you, which is why it is occurring in the retrograde. You give to others and have much joy in being with your loved one or part of a large social group. This can leave you feeling empty, as you are so used to giving so much of your energy to the people around you. This is your time to recharge, then you’ll be ready to go back into the world after much evaluating. You may feel lonely throughout the period, but people haven’t left you. You are taking a break from them, remember.

In some way, I hope my astrological excuse for everything can help you to understand why you feel the way you do. Retrogrades are strange, everything feels in limbo, but you really can make the most of it.

On a more positive note, welcome Spring.

I have missed you.

“If we had no Winter, the Spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” – Anne Bradsheet

xx K



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